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expecting and new parents

Maybe you are expecting, or you have a newborn, or even an older child, and you have found becoming a parent to be difficult.  You may feel like you have lost your identity, like there is no time for your needs, wants, and desires (let alone your partners!) because of this precious little one.  You may feel overwhelmed and struggle with feelings of guilt and shame because you are not measuring up to the parent you wish you could be. You knew becoming a parent wasn't going to be easy, but you didn't know it would be so hard. 

Modern parenting is no easy feat.  Never before have we had so many choices and information at our fingertips.  Navigating it all can be confusing and frustrating.  Many parents often lack support, causing them to feel stressed and burned out.  Additionally, the transformation to motherhood is one than can entirely shake a woman's identity, leaving her feeling lost and like she does not recognize herself anymore. Let Analisa guide you, so you can spend less time feeling stressed and worried, and more time enjoying life with your little one(s). Contact Analisa today with questions or to schedule an appointment. 

how do i know if i have postpartum depression or another perinatal mood disorder?

It is normal to go through ups and downs the first two weeks after having a baby.  There is a period of two weeks after delivery called the "baby blues"that roughly 80% of new mothers experience.  The symptoms are mild in nature and include periods of tearfulness and moodiness, but your outlook overall is happy. If you have the baby blues, it should resolve on its own in the 2-3 weeks after giving birth. 

If you are experiencing a perinatal mood disorder, you may have some or many of the following symptoms:

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  • overwhelming sadness and depression
  • irritability
  • difficulty bonding with your baby
  • difficulties sleeping or eating
  • troublesome thoughts
  • worries that you will hurt your baby
  • anxiety
  • doubting your ability to be a good mother
  • feelings of worthlessness or guilt

These symptoms can appear anytime during pregnancy or in the twelve months after childbirth (or longer if left untreated).  Any of these symptoms along with other symptoms not listed could indicate you have a perinatal anxiety or mood disorder.  Please don't hesitate to get the help you need so that you can recover from feeling like this, there is relief.  Contact Analisa today to see if Liminal Space Counseling can address your needs.    

If you are having reoccurring thoughts of harming yourself or your baby and worries that you might act on those thoughts, please seek help immediately by calling 911, going to your nearest emergency room, or calling 1-800-PPD-MOMS or 1-800-SUICIDE.

I'm a dad. Could I have postpartum depression?

Though it is not widely talked about, fathers can experience postpartum depression as well, from the time their partner is pregnant into the months after the baby is born. Becoming a new dad, you may have experienced emotions ranging from excitement to nervousness, but you did not expect to feel overwhelming sadness, irritability, withdrawn, anxious, or out of control.  Do not hesitate to seek help today.  Also, if you partner is experiencing perinatal depression, there is a higher likelihood that you are too. Liminal Space Counseling can help provide relief from your depressive symptoms so you can fully experience the joys fatherhood has to offer.  

perinatal mood disorders counseling twin cities
postpartum depression counselor trained by postpartum support international

If you and/or your partner is experiencing a perinatal mood disorder, contact Analisa today at 651.605.6022 or analisa@liminalspacecounseling.com. I can help you and your partner bring your best you forward in parenting and experience the fullness of family life.