spirituality & counseling

We are body, mind, and spirit, and people often find healing when the three are integrated. In fact, research shows that spirituality has a positive effect on mental wellness.



I will meet you wherever you are at in your own spiritual journey.  I take the time to listen to your spiritual beliefs, values, questions, and doubts. We will integrate them into our work together as you see helpful.    

You may find yourself questioning or doubting, there is room for that.  You may find yourself angry at God or your Higher Power.  Perhaps you once found comfort in religion, but today it only frustrates you.  Maybe you are new to your faith and wonder how it fits in with the depression you have been experiencing.  Spirituality can be a powerful tool that brings insight and healing, and it is welcome in the therapy room. 


spiritual abuse

While the church aims is to be a light and a source of hope, it is not immune to darkness and hurt.  Sometimes confusion, trauma, stress, and pain can become part of a spiritual walk.  If this is you, know that you are not alone.  In counseling, you can process these experiences and give voice to how you have been hurt.  Abuse in a spiritual setting can vary; it can involve rigid beliefs, shaming, condemnation, misuse of power, or feeling ostracized or alienated by others in your spiritual tradition. This can leave you feeling alone, scared, anxious, depressed, sleepless, irritated, angry, bitter, grieved or like you've lost your identity.  You may avoid your faith tradition altogether.  There is help available for you, please contact me today.

spirituality & sexuality

I work with a lot of people who grew up in the church, women in particular, who struggle with issues around sexuality. Growing up, they were bombarded with shame-filled messages about their bodies and their sexuality, and an overarching theme of "sex is dirty, save it for the one you love".  You may have grown up with a sense that your natural sexual desires were wrong, and perhaps you internalize this as shame, thinking something is wrong with me. You may have found that once married and given the green light, there was no "light switch" moment where you successfully and easily integrate your sexuality into your marriage relationship.  This leads to confusion, shame, issues with body image, fear of intimacy and more.  If this is you, know you are not alone and you can learn what healthy sexuality looks like and feels like in your marriage.  Contact me today for more information or to get started.