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premarital counseling packages

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premarital counseling twin cities

What an exciting time in your lives! You have decided to make the commitment of marriage and now you find yourself making decision after decision in regards to wedding planning.  But don't forget the most important part: to invest in the future of your relationship! See details on our Premarital Package options below. Relationships take work, and it is important to build a healthy foundation for marriage.  In premarital counseling, engaged couples or couples moving towards engagement address issues such as:

preengagement counseling twin cities sliding scale
  • communication

  • conflict management

  • strengths and weaknesses

  • finances and budgeting

  • roles expectations

  • family of origin issues

  • how to deal with in-laws

  • spirituality

  • sexual intimacy

  • parenting or future parenting goals

  • blending families and step-parenting

Here at Liminal Space Counseling, Analisa helps couples on the threshold of marriage build upon their strengths and experience transformation as they grow deeper in their relationship. Many couples opt to take the online couples' assessment through Prepare Enrich and receive personalized feedback in sessions. Call or email today with questions or to schedule your premarital counseling sessions or simply fill out the form below.

Premarital counseling packages

Premarital Check-In Package

Two Sessions (55-minutes each) Premarital Package

  • Price: $300, payments of $150 per session

  • Focus on Communication and Conflict Resolution

Premarital Tune-Up Package

Four Sessions (55-minutes each)  Premarital Package

  • Price: $500, payments of $125 each session

  • Prepare/Enrich Premarital Inventory with a Take-Home Couples Report ($35 value)

  • Focus on Communication, Finances and Conflict Resolution

Premarital  Full-Engagement Package*

Six Sessions (55-minutes each) Premarital Package 

*(eligible for the premarital $75 discount on marriage license)   

  • Price: $660, payments of $110 each session

  • Premarital Inventory with a Take-Home Couples Report.

  • Focus on Communication, Communication, Conflict Resolution, Marriage Expectations Financial Management, Relationship Roles, Sex and Affection, Leisure Activities, Children and Parenting, Family of Origin, Personality Comparison, and Spiritual Beliefs.

Please note: If you choose to schedule further sessions after the completion of your selected premarital counseling package, the full session fee will be charged.


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