UNbalance Your Life

work life balance

There are these ideas floating around out there… they say, “You can have it all” and “You can do it all” and “You can find that perfect work/life balance”.  Well, I’m going to go ahead and burst this bubble.  

Mama, you can’t have it all.

Father to two under two, you don’t need to “man up” and do it all.

Part-time working mom of three, you will never find that perfect work life balance.

Now, everyone just take a deep breath. And go to work UNBALANCING your life.  Tip the scales towards MORE of what makes you happy.  MORE of what makes you laugh. Less work, MORE play.  MORE time with those you love.

how to find work life balance

There will always be work.  There will always be those mundane tasks that come with managing a household.  There are butts to wipe and mouths to feed and laundry for days.  But you do not need to strive any longer for that unreachable “work-life balance”.   This sets up an image of ease, that there is an attainable goal of having the perfect proportion of work to the perfect proportion of life outside of work.  Our time is not equally divided.  Life and work are not units to be measured and weighed. They are certainly not found to level the scales.  So. Let’s. Stop. Trying. Because it is exhausting.  It’s an expectation we can never live up to, and unmet expectations lead to negative feelings.

So look for little ways to unbalance your life and add in more good, less stress.  

  • Say yes to spontaneity every once in awhile, even when it doesn’t seem practical.

  • Put away your beeping pocket office (aka smartphone) for an hour and just be

  • Say no to that extra event that will push you over the edge

  • Stay in your pajamas all day on a Saturday if it makes you happy

  • Read your kiddo one more story instead of eyeing the bedtime clock

  • Have a dance party before dinner

  • Watch funny youtube videos with your family and LAUGH a lot

  • Create something new for no one but you

  • Take a PTO day and totally unplug by getting out into nature

  • Go swimming and build a sandcastle

  • Leave your phone tucked away and go for an evening walk with your partner

So, take the pledge.  UNBALANCE your life and add in more happy, more joy.  Let go of those pesky expectations of having it all, doing it all.  Forget work/life balance, and do more of what you love.  

Let us know in the comments below how you are adding more of what you love!