The Gift That Keeps On Giving: A Gratitude Landmark

gratitude practice

The practice of gratitude has scientifically proven benefits. Those who practice gratitude get better sleep, have less depression, experience greater health  and have better relationships. Being thankful rewires your brain to look for the positive in your everyday moments, instead of focusing on the negative. However, with the busyness that fills our lives day in and day out, it can sometimes be difficult to stop and remember to be thankful.  That’s where having a gratitude landmark can be a helpful practice.

Find a landmark that you pass daily on your commute to work or something in your neighborhood that you know you will see a least few times a week.  It can be a certain tree, a lake, a statue, or perhaps a park. Whenever you pass that landmark, give thanks. You can express gratitude for the landmark itself, for the sunrise, for the day ahead, or anything that comes to mind.  Simply let that landmark be a reminder of you to experience gratitude and reap the benefits of this practice.

So give yourself the gift of a gratitude landmark. Soon, it will become a habit to say a quick thanks when you pass it by.  You will start to notice how those grateful feelings flood your heart more and more. You can even envision your gratitude landmark in your mind’s eye at any time, day or night, and experience a boost of positive feelings!

Comment below: What’s your gratitude landmark? What benefits are you noticing from your gratitude practice?