Self Care in the New Year

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We are stretched many directions during the holiday season.  There are plenty of extra activities and parties to attend.  Our budgets are stretched with gifts to give.  Our usual routines get thrown out the window.  There is more traffic and longer lines to wait in, testing our patience. We might be seeing people that we haven’t seen in awhile, people who know just how to push our buttons.  There are many reasons why it is extra important to pay attention to self care as we move into the new year.

In the past few years, self care has become a bit of a buzzword and sometimes it gets misinterpreted.  So, just know, self care is not being selfish.  Also, it does not have to be a one size fits all.  You might think of manicures and bubble baths, but that’s not for everyone. Instead, ask yourself, what fills you up? What brings you joy? If self care for you is talking on the phone to your best friend or sipping hot tea by the fireplace, then do it!  And if you don’t know what fills you up, use it as an opportunity to get curious and explore what you might like.  

Photo by  童 彤  on  Unsplash

Photo by 童 彤 on Unsplash

While exploring, also think about what you don’t like. What can you say no to in the new year? Figuring out what you can take off your plate will leave room for more of what you love.  Maybe you say no to the bake sale so that you can say yes to hot cocoa and a cozy family movie night. Maybe you attend only one of the three events you are invited to so that you have some margin for spontaneity.    

When you imagine looking back on this year, what do you want to feel?  What memories do you want to bring with you moving forward?  I’m guessing it’s not stressed out and beaten down. So take some preventative action, and really lean into more of what makes you happy. Be mindful about your energy levels and your commitments. Increase self care and boundaries, so that you can be intentional about enjoying 2018.

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