February Gratitude Challenge

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We have moved away from the buzz of the new year and people are back into their routines after all the shiny distractions of the holidays.  For many, the New Years Resolutions have already gone to the wayside.  I discussed the one resolution you should have (and hopefully keep) for this year here.  If gratitude wasn't on your radar January 1st, don't worry, you can start today. 

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In the Gratitude Challenge for February, the focus is on health and practicing gratitude for your body.  It is easy for us to get so caught up with what's going on in our heads that we disconnect from our bodies.  It is also easy to take our bodies for granted.  We interact with our world through our bodies and our bodies can give us important input into what is going on around us. So this month's gratitude prompts will bring you back into your body, your five senses, and giving thanks for your body.

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