questions to ask your insurance provider

Depending on your current health insurance provider or employee benefit plan, it is possible for services to be covered in full or in part. Please contact your provider to verify how your plan compensates you for psychotherapy services or contact me and my billing specialist can look up your individual insurance plan.

Here are some recommend questions to ask your insurance provider to help determine your benefits:
• Does my health insurance plan include mental health benefits?
• Do I have a deductible? If so, what is it and have I met it yet?
• Do I have a co-pay? If so, what is it?
• Does my plan limit how many sessions per calendar year I can have? If so, what is the limit?
• Do I need written approval from my primary care physician in order for services to be covered?

More on using

Out of Network


When using insurance plans with out-of-network benefits, clients are responsible for paying the full fee at the time of service. My practice will submit your claim to insurance and any reimbursements received will be forwarded back to you. 

I understand that insurance benefits can be confusing; I am happy to help you navigate payment and reimbursement options if you choose to use insurance. Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions.