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 Have you found yourself experiencing sadness and frustration most days?  Did you just go through a big life change such as a the birth of a child, a break up, or career change and can't seem to get your feet back under you?  Are you continually disappointed by your circumstances and finding yourself asking, "Is this all there is?" or "When do I get to be happy?" Liminal Space Counseling can provide you with a safe place to process, problem solve, and transform; allowing you to make the changes you need to move forward with your best self. Here are some common reasons people seek counseling:

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  • depression and sadness

  • anxiety, worry or panic

  • recent life change such as a break up, divorce, move, career change, or new baby

  • family of origin issues

  • grief and loss

  • anger

  • trouble in relationships or friendships

  • difficulties in parenting

  • stresses at work or home

  • feeling hopeless and isolated

  • feeling overwhelmed

  • lack of enjoyment or motivation

  • trouble sleeping

How do I know I need Counseling?

Chances are, if you are asking yourself this question, then you are ready to seek counseling.  People see counselors for a variety of reasons.  Sometimes they are feeling stuck on one issue and have tried different solutions without success.  Other times, multiple stressors are impacting a person all at once and they feel overwhelmed and out of control.  At times, difficult symptoms (crying, panic, uncontrollable negative thoughts, etc.) seem to take over, making day to day functioning nearly impossible.  We are often too close to our own issues and can't see a way out, so it helps to have a nonjudgemental third party give us perspective on our situation and practical tools to cope. Anyone can benefit from working with a counselor, you do not have to wait until you have hit rock bottom. Contact Liminal Space Counseling today with questions, schedule online, or fill out the form below.  

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