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families of individuals with disabilities

Families with individuals with disabilities face unique circumstances and challenges.  You may find yourself feeling alone and isolated as the parent of a child with disabilities.  Maybe your children without disabilities are acting out because your attention and resources are spread thin.  Additionally, your son or daughter may be experiencing all the complex emotions and stigma that come with having a disability. This is hard to watch as a parent. 

therapy for people with cognitive disabilities

At Liminal Space Counseling, Analisa is uniquely qualified to help families that have members who have disabilities.  Her undergraduate degree is in Rehabilitation Psychology, which focuses on the study and psychology around the unique challenges people with disabilities face and how to best help them in becoming as independent as possible.  Additionally, Analisa has experience as a community living specialist, where she assisted people with cognitive disabilities in meeting individualized goals of increasing independence, community inclusion, and utilizing their natural support network.  Analisa also has experience as a line therapist using applied behavioral analysis therapy, working with children with autism. 



Here at Liminal Space Counseling, Analisa can help with:

  • emotions surrounding first diagnosis

  • self-worth and self-esteem in individuals with disabilities

  • sibling care for siblings without disabilities

  • boundaries around having caregivers in your home

  • grief and loss of how your dreams and wishes for your child

  • self-care as a caregiver

  • building a support network

  • transition to adulthood for your child with special needs

  • expectations for son or daughter's future

how do i get started?

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