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Families seek counseling for many different reasons.  

  • Maybe you and your partner are divorcing and you are so worried about how the changes will affect the children.
  • Sometimes parents are worried about how to stay connected to and positively influence their teenagers.  
  • Other times, parents realize they do not want to repeat unhealthy patterns of their own parents, but want more tools to effectively change 

Liminal Space Counseling can help families no matter what you are facing.  You can choose to work on family issues in counseling one on one, as a couple, or with some or the entire family present. Together, we will discover what's working and work to make it even better.  We will problem solve and build skills to transform your family relationships.  

family counseling twin cities

Analisa uses a systems approach, recognizing that we are influenced by the systems we are a part of including: the families we came from, immediate family, our neighborhoods, our communities, our culture, and our society.  This approach takes into account the complexity of individuals and their families and allows for specific interventions that benefit the whole family system.


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