Depression affects one in ten Americans, and that is just the number of people who report depression.  An estimated 80% of people with symptoms of depression are not receiving the treatment they need.  Contact Liminal Space Counseling today and get the help you or your loved one needs to reduce symptoms of depression and increase wellness.

What does depression feel like?

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People experience depression in a variety of ways.  For some people, depression manifest in sadness and hopelessness.  It may be difficult to get up in the morning or you may lose interest in activities that you used to enjoy.  Some people experience frequent, uncontrollable crying.  For others, especially men, depression presents as irritability or anger.  You may be easily annoyed or find yourself losing your patience quickly with loved ones.  You may find it difficult to concentrate or focus on the work you used to complete easily. Sometimes depression means you have trouble falling asleep or your appetite may increase or decrease.  You may feel like you are a failure or that you are constantly disappointed in yourself.

Depression + Anxiety

Symptoms of depression and anxiety often go hand in hand.  Please check out the page on Anxiety for more information.

How could depression happen to me?

You may feel ashamed or weak for having these feelings, like you should be able to pull it together. But depression and other mental health issues do not discriminate.  Anyone can get them, no matter your education level or past successes.  But know you are not alone and there is help and hope for you.  You will not feel this way forever.  It takes bravery to ask for help when you need it.  Take the first step towards transformation today and get relief from your symptoms of depression.   

Should I get counseling for depression?

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If any of the above rings true for you, seek help today.  There is more for you and you can find hope and relief.  Contact Liminal Space Counseling today.  If you have further questions about depression, don’t hesitate to call or email today.  The best way to reduce symptoms of depression are to engage in talk therapy (counseling) and to take medication prescribed by a psychiatrist or physician.