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August's Gratitude Theme: art & creativity

Art and expressions of creativity are all around us.  We can often miss it with our fast paced lives and constant engagement with  screens. Take some time this month to mindfully notice artistic expression and give thanks.  On Krista Tippett’s website, On Being, guest author, Georgia Travers, writes this about art and gratitude: “ is only by an orientation towards gratitude, a commitment to place with intention the stones of our gratitude as they are revealed to us, that we can collectively work to chart a path through the exhaustion and agony that the world confronts us with. An elemental example of these cairns of truth are works of art, whether they be poems or paintings or music. Indeed, bearing witness to truth, expressing gratitude for the revelation of truth, serving as beacons to illuminate our encounters with a broader truth, these are the singular objectives of art. They are why we, as a species, do art” (source).

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