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Anxiety, Depression + more...

Anxiety, Depression + more...

Including premarital counseling

Including premarital counseling

Prenatal, postpartum, & parenting

Prenatal, postpartum, & parenting

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is counseling for me?

  • Maybe you are trying to do all the things and be all the things and you are left feeling overwhelmed, bummed out, and like you are constantly failing

  • Maybe you are a parent, who loves your little one to the moon & back, but you did not expect parenting to be like this and you do not even recognize who you are anymore

  • Maybe you feel like you should have "it" together by now (whatever it is), but you are constantly coming up short in trying to balance relationships, household, career, and your own needs, but falling short

  • Maybe you and your partner are in constant conflict, have difficulty communicating and are lacking connection. You just want things to be like they were when it was good

If any of the above sounds like you or you are struggling with other issues, don't hesitate to contact me today. 

I consider it a privilege to create a safe, non-judgmental space where I can sit with people and hear their stories. I offer resources and course corrections to get you back on track to live your best life possible and rediscover happiness and joy. I take a collaborative, strength-based approach, in which I seek to empower you with new knowledge to propel you forward, all while drawing on your existing strengths and smarts. 

I get that it can be scary to think about going to therapy.  Know you are not alone, and, I may be biased, but I think therapy is for everyone. So you don't need to wait until you've hit rock bottom to seek help, and if you already have, don't wait any longer. You are worth it, so invest in yourself. Call {651.605.6022} or email me {} today. 



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