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liminal space

Liminal is a latin word meaning "threshold."  Thresholds symbolize crossing over into something new. They represent the possibility and excitement, as well as the anxiety and uncertainty, that come when we step out into new, unknown territory. Liminal Space is the state of being in-between, on the threshold looking forward to something new, while leaving what is behind. It is when you may feel stuck, uncomfortable yet excited, between the new and the old.

Liminal Space Counseling is a space where individuals, couples, and families can experience their transformative potential on the threshold in which they find themselves.  Liminal Space is a place to take pause: to take the time to learn and discover what you do not yet know to move forward, as well as build upon the strengths and resources you already possess.  At times, it may be uncomfortable, and you may wish to escape into the past or accelerate into the future.  But, by remaining in Liminal Space, you can journey toward healing and cross the threshold with boldness due to your new self-awareness and skills gained in therapy. Check out my board Liminal Space on Pinterest for quotes and art about Liminal Space!


Liminal Space Counseling


help in the transformative space between hope and healing.

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